Hello Again

There have been a lot of changes in the world since my last post in September 2019. I will share more on changes in my world in another post soon.

When this journey began my intention was to remain active, consistent and grow this blog in a way that would be useful and productive. 

The current situation has given us all an unprecedented opportunity to take stock and prioritize those that mean the most to us and the things that bring us joy. 

Even though it has been a while, it is never too late to refocus on things that are important to you, even if you haven’t had much time to spend on them.  

For me, I decided to try a something new.  I am going to paint this Orchid using watercolors.

This is something I haven’t done since art class in middle school and it’s a little scary.

But hey, you never know how something will turn out unless you give it a try. 

Maybe I’ll share the results with you later.

In the meantime #StayHome #StaySafe

We will get through this. 

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