Starting a blog is a daunting task and a little scary. There are so many choices to make.
It’s exhausting! Any one who knows me well, knows how much deliberation goes into each choice I make, except were food and men are concerned, but that’s a topic for another post!

When I was thinking about what I was going to write, a few things came to mind. I could post daily tidbits about my life and experiences or I could really focus on a specific topic and dig deep.

I’ve decided to take it slow, step by step as I start this journey and let it unfold organically. (Love that word!) These are uncharted waters, so bear with me as I get my sea legs under me, so to speak. (Love you Alan)

I wanted to write my first post about pollen or at least the effect pollen has on me, (can you say Flonase….girl!), but after setting up this blog, its almost my bedtime and I want to watch an episode or two of The Big Bang Theory before bed. To be continued…

Sweet Dreams 🙂

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